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Hello Cuties, yes you can recycle. Every three months you can drop your boxes off or mail them to (INFORMATION COMING SOON CUTIES)

Every three months you will show a receipt that these boxes were dropped or shipped to info@girlucutebutcanucook.com Attn: recycle and you will receive 30% off your next box. This program is only offered every three months for yearly SUBSCRIBERS ONLY

You can choose your meat, vegetarian or fish preference.

You will not be able to choose your own recipe because every month we are offering you a theme surprised experience in the kitchen with your two recipes.

Go to the Billing > Products & Services page.

On the Products & Services page, find subscription reactivate. In the Billing section, select Reactivate.

If you don’t see Reactivate as an available action, call Support to reactivate your subscription.

Confirm your payment details. You can update your existing payment information here. When you’re finished entering your payment method, select Reactivate.

If your subscription was expired, then after you submit your payment details, your subscription returns to an active state, and the Next billing date extends by either one month or one year, depending on your current subscription commitment. If you pay by credit card or bank account, your credit card or bank account will be charged for the extension. To make sure that your subscription doesn’t expire again call support if you having any mishaps of paying the following month so we can freeze your subscription account for one month instead of having it expired. This is for one month only.

If your subscription was cancelled, or was disabled because a payment wasn’t received, it returns to an active state, and your Next billing date stays the same.

You can update your shopping address anytime prior to billing here -THE LINK TAKES THEM TO THE SUBCRIBE LINK

Each month we issue an online invoice for your GUCBCUC subscription. View the invoice in a web browser, then save it as a draft bill in GUCBCUC, or as a PDF or CSV file on your computer. 

You are able to cancel any active subscription using your account at GUCBCUC. Keep in mind though, this will not issue a refund but simply stop the subscription from renewing. To request a refund, you will need to contact support.

Login to My Account and click subscriptions

Click cancel subscriptions

Please Select a Reason for Cancelling and Provide Feedback on How Your Experience Could Have Been Improved.

Click Confirm and Cancel 

Your Subscription is Now Cancelled

If there are extraneous circumstances and you forget to cancel on time, you have a grace period of three (3) calendar days to request a refund. If you are within your grace period, please email us and we will issue a refund. Refunds are applicable for month-to-month plans but not for any prepay plans.

Refunds are issued in 10 days after cancellation

Go to My Account and put in your new card details or call customer support and tell them your card will be expiring and give them your new card details

If you’ve signed up for a monthly subscription GUCBCUC will automatically charge your credit card each month until you cancel your subscription.

If we aren’t able to take successful payment from your credit card on the date your payment is due, you will receive an email that your GUCBCUC monthly subscription payment failed.

Don’t worry! We give you an automatic two week grace period before we cancel.

Over that two week period GUCBCUC will automatically try charging the credit card on file up to three more times.

You will be billed for your first box the day that you subscribe to GUCBCUC for the current month’s box  Your next payment will automatically be scheduled for the 15th day of each following month beginning at 12 AM EST, per your subscription term, moving forward. 

There will not be a Trial Membership

Every month you are guaranteed an Experience, 2 recipe cards, an apron, glassware, fresh and dry ingredients, liquid ingredients and kitchen utensils to go with the theme of the box for that month.

You cancel at anytime after your first month being charged

At this moment we do not Cuties.

Your order will be shipped on the 5th of each month (upon successfully billing). Your box is hand packed by our warehouse team with a lot of love injected into your box so you can benefit all the box has to offer. You order the box on the 15th of each month and ships on the 5th of each following month. You can not order a box after the 15th and expecting a box on the 5th. You may order but PLEASE BE AWARE YOUR BOX WILL NOT SHIP TO THE FOLLOWING MONTH ON THE 5TH.

As soon as your box leaves our Miami warehouse you will be emailed a link with your tracking number so you can monitor the progress of your order.

US BOXES: 5-7 business days

No international or Canada at this moment

So sorry CUTIES!

Cuties that are members you will have an opportunity to customize their own box for Valentine’s Day, your Birthday, and Christmas You can do this by logging into your account and Cute Over to the “Cute Box” tab. This will bring you to a dropdown menu where you click to Customize.

Cuties if it’s your birthday box you are customizing for that month please specify in an email that you will be customizing your Birthday Box before the 15th. If your Birthday is before the 15th of processing your order you can order your box prior the time of ordering for the following box. All customize boxes will be 10% of for just that special day.

My order is being shipped to the wrong address. Oh no cutie! Once your order is billed, we are unable to update the shipping address.

Please contact your courier service. You can show them by confirming the shipping address of any billed orders on your account by clicking on Order Details in the My Subscription & Orders section of your account.

Once it is process Cutie and sent to our warehouse for processing we will not be able to make changes.

No, sorry! All sales are final and nonrefundable. Please do not return any box or product made to be shipped back to us it will not be eligible for refund.

Oh wow, we will fix that right away Cutie. Please report within 2 weeks of your delivery date to Customer Care and they will assist on getting those items replaced.

Any missing, damaged, lost, defective, or wrong/incorrect item(s) must be reported within two (2) weeks of your delivery date. Please contact us and our Customer Care team will assist you with filing a claim and/or getting your items replaced.

Boxes will be billed on the 15th of each month, shipped on the 5th of each month, and received between 7-10 business days.

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