How It Works


Cooking should always start with the 3 P’s PASSION, PRACTICE, AND PATIENCE.

Every young lady should feel confident and sexy in her kitchen. Girl U Cute But Can U Cook wishes for you to realize that so we created a food box that acts as your beauty box. Everything in your subscription box is designed as a beauty item but is precisely a kitchen product or a kitchen utensil. We created a creative lifestyle for you that delivers inspiring information, entertaining content, food, recipes, fitness, news, a community and so much more.

Join us and together we will reconquer the joy that it is cooking!


Cyber Monday 2019 special offer. Subscribe today and get the GUCBCUC Introductory Curated Box for only $19.99!


Feeling the excitement? Your box will arrive by the 5th of every month. Unpacking will be as exciting as the cooking!


Cooking has never been easier. Simply follow the guided recipes included in your box and enjoy world exotic dishes in minutes!


Share your dishes with a loved one and let the entire world know! Post your work of art with the hashtag #whosayscutegirlscantcook


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